SIHDA 2015


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The Venice Palace is situated in Boğazkesen district, Cihangir. We offer you two choices for going there.

First choice:

You should get off the metro at Şişhane Metro Station. After exiting the metro station from the “Istiklal Caddesi” exit, you should take the street behind you, “Istiklal Street” and turn right. You should walk until you see the “Postacılar Sokak” on your right. Take the Postacılar Sokak and follow the street until you see Venice Palace on your right.


Second choice:

You can walk to the Venice Palace from Taksim; take the route from İstiklal Street to Galatasaray Square, where Galatasaray High School is situated, then turn left and take the route to Yeni Çarşı Street, finally take the seventh street at right, namely Tomtom Kaptan Street (Tomtom Kaptan Sokak) in front of “Neverland Hostel”.



Unfortunately, the Venice Palace is situated in the narrow streets of Cihangir/ Beyoğlu which eliminates the option of choosing public transportation to reach there. Therefore, if you do not prefer walking, you should take the taxi to come to the venue.